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24h Local Offers Advertisers to Place Ads On Their Repair Service Sites

Wilmington, DE (PRWEB) March 27, 2014

Having created customer care for five service based industries now opens the door to advertisers. The natural extension of their resourceful company, 24h Local targets advertisers who want to publicize their products and businesses on their repair sites with sought after advertising niches. 24h Local sites revolve around computer repair, appliance repair, air conditioning, electrician or plumbing services. The “24h” repair service sites offer a new level of customer service including free answers to questions within 24h and complimentary tutorial videos per requests of the visitors.

Giving advertisers and their well-placed ads an optimum presence “24h” sites allow for the targeting of both broad national or specific geographical locations. “We like to think we’ve done the ground work here by recognizing a niche in the marketplace and designing platforms that meet an integral need. Online advertising costs have reached double digit dollars per single click, what a large portion of potential advertisers simply cannot afford. We have created a marketing opportunity which was cost prohibitive before”, said the spokesperson of

Considering the exorbitant prices of advertising for the service and related industries by way of other channels 24h Local offers an unquestionable value proposition to its advertising clients. For more information and setup and account visit or call directly at 800-761-5315.

Read the full story at Helps Connect its Visitors with Professionals for Help with AC, Appliance, Computer, Electrical and Plumbing Repairs

Wilmington, Deleware (PRWEB) January 30, 2014

Having an expert on call may seem like an impossible dream, but a new website is helping frustrated homeowners and computer users’ dreams become reality. is a new website syndicating several answer websites into one helpful resource. The website removes the need to contact an expert for help on computer problems, appliance repair, air conditioner repair, electrical or plumbing issues. Now help can be found online with a click of the button. Hiring a professional can cost hundreds of dollars, however, is making this advice available for free.

Offering a quick 24 hour turnaround, allows users to pose questions to experts, then receive an answer. The website is the central hub for the other sites in the 24h family,,, and The sites are helping frustrated homeowners and computer users get the answers they need when they need them. Each website offers free instructional videos and other resources to help consumers and any questions may be asked regarding the sites’ topics.

24h wanted to make it easy to ask a question to all of the services, therefore they created Now users can pose a question for any of the topics, and receive an answer in a timely manner. Users are encouraged to share the experience with their friends, using the website’s social sharing buttons. The website takes care to address each question received to present a well-executed and thoughtful response. The result is timely response, without resorting to calling an expert and incurring expensive charges.

“Connect with Professionals” is the hallmark of and their commitment to provide quality information extends throughout their websites. One user said regarding a computer repair question, “You have just fixed my problem that I paid $300 to try to fix!” If you find yourself stuck with bothersome problems now have a new resource to which you can turn to.

As Winter Nights Dip Low in Temperature, is Ready to Help Homeowners Prepare for the Summer

Free Answers to your AC Repair QuestionsWilmington, Delaware (PRWEB) January 30, 2014

During the winter, the air conditioner may not be in use by some homeowners, and they are urged to prepare for the upcoming spring and summer months. Several problems may arise with air conditioners, such as low refrigerant, installation issues, non-working fans and more. These issues are troubling, can cost money and time for homeowner trying to get the problems solved. 24h Local is proud to announce their new website, The site allows consumers to ask questions about AC repair, and receive an expert’s advice for free.

The newest website from the 24h brand, streamlines the web search process by making it simple to find quality advice on air conditioners. Now users can log on to the site, ask their question, and receive an answer within 24 hours. No longer necessary to run multiple searches through Google and forums to find a solution for air conditioning repair solutions. covers common topics such as repair, installation, residential, and commercial units.

The site also offers tips and hints, further extending 24h’s commitment to helping homeowners solve AC issues before the busy and demanding summer months. Why wait till May or June to resolve problems when they can be solved now with a visit to This route saves significantly compared to the cost of hiring a technician to visit your home and service your machine. You may be charged for parts, labor, and maintenance. You may also have to wait several days for service in the summer, particularly if the AC repair service is backed up with house calls. Visiting is free, and lets you get the help desire easily from experts. Answers to questions posed by previous user will be available and let a new visitor find an answer handily. is the fifth and newest website by 24h Local. The company offers dedicated websites for a number of topics, including computer, appliance, electrical and plumbing problems with 24h response time. The creators of the websites are adding informative videos, advice posts and more, to make them a valuable resource for homeowners.

ABOUT 24HACREPAIR.COM is from the creators of 24h Local. allows homeowners to ask questions concerning their air conditioners to experts, and receive complimentary advice on repairs and installations. For more information, please visit

Homeowners Can Now Seek Help at 24h Electrician with Electrical Issues

Free Answers to your Electrician QuestionsWilmington, DE (PRWEB) December 19, 2013

As the holidays arrive, many homes and apartments are increasing their electrical usage due to Christmas trees, holiday decorations and lights. What happens if an issue arises? Many individuals know the cost and frustration associated with electrical problems. Having an electrician even once for an electrical repair for a home or apartment comes with a high cost. Trying to fix the issue yourself without proper guidance can lead to more problems and unfortunately, more bills. Now you’re able to get electrical help when you need it, and for free. 24h Local is pleased to announce their new service on, the home of an electrician answer in 24 hour.

Now when issues of installation, wiring, and other electrical concerns arise, individuals can visit to post a query. They will then receive a personalized direct answer online within 24 hours of posting. Answers are provided by qualified professionals, and the website organizes questions into categories, so they may be retrieved by visitors at any time. A tag cloud for topics such as wiring, energy saving, and more is also available to help visitors locate previous questions and answers.

Taking electrical repairs into one’s own hands can be expensive and dangerous. 24h Electrician’s staff consists of professionals who can handle simple and complex issues for electrical problems. The website is streamlined and offers an easy “click to ask” question form, with options for the asker’s voltage, model number, etc. The site encompasses multiple electrical topics, including commercial and residential repairs or installations, wiring, energy saving, safety, security and more. is the fourth and newest site by its parent organization 24h Local. The company offers dedicated fast-response websites for computers, plumbing, and appliances. Together, the websites encompass large facet of a home or an apartment. Recently introduced a live chat for instantaneous help, dedicated support videos and more. Soon those features will be extended to 24h Electrician. For individuals looking for last minute help with holiday lighting or installing new lighting in a home addition, is here.

About 24h Local:
24h Local, basted in Wilmington, Delaware, is the parent organization of With its additional websites for computer repair, plumbing, and appliances, 24h Local helps individuals get expert help without an expert cost.

24h Plumber Now Available to Answer Plumbing Problems

Free Answers to your Plumber QuestionsWilmington, Delaware (PRWEB) December 11, 2013

As winter arrives in the United States, so do a new rash of plumbing problems in homes or businesses, such as frozen pipes, clogged drains or malfunctioning faucets. A new website by 24h Local is helping its visitors to get answers to plumbing questions by offering a complimentary service delivering answers in 24 hours.

The third site successfully launched by 24hLocal, helps homeowners with a variety of issues. Questions answered by industry professionals the site is a simple problem solver to what can seem complicated without the assistance of someone in the know. Site visitors need only to create an account by registering for the service and when confirmed, they can then ask any plumbing related question and will receive a professional’s answer. Communication is first started by entering one’s question by way of a text box displayed on every page of the site. Once answered the consumer will be notified by email and a one-one-one informative conversation can begin.

The site has information, resources and answers for multiple categories such as Bathroom, Kitchen, Water Heaters, Pumps and more. It even tackles a home and garden option and also embraces commercial services. If it’s a form of plumbing, helps visitors get the answers they need in quickly.

The website is perfect for homeowners who are “at their wit’s end”and don’t know where to turn over troublesome plumbing issues. Choosing to ask a question at brings the power of a professional and helpful plumber to right the asker’s home or business. Soon the site will connect web visitor’s with local deals in their area as well, with the 24h Shop.

About 24h Local:
24h Local, basted in Wilmington, Delaware, is the parent company of, and

24h Computer Repair Debuts Remote Access Service

24h-remote-accessWilmington, Delaware (PRWEB) November 29, 2013

As individuals prepare to buy new technology during the Black Friday shopping event, computer issues can plague their holidays with errors and malfunctions. 24h Computer Repair is expanding their services to help more customers than ever with computer issues. The website is proud to launch their new Remote Access service, just in time for the holidays. Now its experts are able to connect remotely to computers that are having problems and fix them just as if they were seated in front of the device themselves. The new service effectively fixes all computer problems that do not require hardware repair such as broken displays or crashes to one’s hard drive. recently launched their live chat, and now improves their website more with the new Remote Access service. This Black Friday and Cyber Monday helps computer users at no cost to check errors and malfunctions with PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones off their list.

The addition of the Remote Access service makes a one-stop on-line computer solution center for consumers. The website’s free services encompass Video Tutorials and the 24h Answers portion of their site whereby visitors can ask a question and have the conversation become a part of an online library for everyone’s advantage. The premium services include Live Chat, which is currently in beta and offered free of charge until the end of the year, and now Online Remote Access service. The website covers more than computers, with information available on smartphones and tablets as well.

About is dedicated to make technology issues approachable, to provide site visitors with a way to solve their specific computer, tablet and smartphone problems.
The website features answers delivered within 24 hours and video tutorials to help consumers at no cost. Premium Live chat and Remote Access services offer instant solutions to visitors for computer, tablet and smartphone problems.

For more information, please visit

24h Appliance Repair Launches to Provide Consumers Solutions to Appliance Problems

Free Answers to your Appliance Repair QuestionsWilmington, Delaware (PRWEB) November 27, 2013

From 24h Local, makers of, comes with complimentary answer to household and commercial appliance repair problems.

24h Local launched a similar service on computer repair questions this past September. The free answers to consumer questions are organized into categories and can be searched through by all visitors instantly. The service gained significant momentum and now the company is excited to branch out to appliance help. Appliances are something we all need to run smoothly, they very literally keep our lives running.

The convenient site allows visitors to connect with verified repair professionals across brands like Amana, Frigidaire, GE, Hotpoint, Jenn Air, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Maytag, Whirlpool and various others. To add to the benefits of this new technological approach to maintenance 24h Appliance Repair isn’t short on the communication. It allows consumers to have useful back and forth conversations with service repair professionals. With unlimited free answers homeowners, business owners and renters alike have the advantage. No longer does an intimidating repair look like dollar signs. strives to demystify technology and make it accessible for all with questions about appliances. The website lets users log on any time of the day and pose a question to qualified experts about appliances. Consumers can get help on issues such as maintenance, installation and other appliance concerns within 24 hours.

Offering help with answers to issues with refrigerators, dishwashers, microwave ovens, garbage disposers, freezers, washing machines, dryers, stoves, ovens and even vent hoods leaves nothing out. Ultimately offering busy people assurance that their appliance repair can be handled easily with a fix at the direction of a professional the 24h Appliance Repair site could prove more than invaluable over time as well as in the immediate.

For more information visit

24h Computer Repair Broadens Their Reach to Include Video Tutorials

Wilmington, Delaware (PRWEB) November 19, 2013

Already offering free one-on-one online answers to computer questions with twenty-four hour response time 24h Computer Repair now broadens their reach to include free video tutorials. Available online at YouTube the tutorials are an engaging and comprehensive way to educate one’s self about various tech issues in three minutes or less.

Janos Farkas, Manager at said of the video tutorial launch, “Sixty-five percent of the population are visual learners who retain about fifty percent of what they see and hear at the same time. This is opposed to the twelve percent that is retained from text alone.  With these overwhelming numbers we knew we had to up the ante and start producing videos to really educate our customer base.”

Making technology issues approachable the company’s goal is to provide site visitors with a way to solve their specific computer, tablet and smartphone problems rather than having to sift through complicated technical details. This is the idea behind  The site offers a place where perplexed computer users can post a question and have an informative one-on-one response from a qualified person within twenty-four hours.  The website organizes all resulting information into a composite searchable list for the educational perusal of all site visitors.  The company also offers consumers a way to remedy their own technical issues with the use of online videos for viewing at their leisure.

Taking multi-tasking to a new level the site will additionally use the questions and answers to produce videos for the education of a broader audience. It is often overwhelming for an ordinary user to read through and adopt technical solutions. A simple video with visual content, such as “click here” or “type this” is much easier to absorb.

For more information and to see the trailer for this new free service, please visit

24h Computer Repair Launches Live Chat Service

Wilmington, Delaware (PRWEB) November 12, 2013

24h-computer-repair-logo-800x800After the release of the 24h Answers service whereby consumers logged onto and ask the site’s tech experts questions free of charge, the online computer service founders are now taking it one step further. Today the company launches its beta Live Chat service, available to public immediately. The site will offer one free chat per visitor until the end of the year between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

Live chat support will allow users to enjoy quick response to common issues with PCs, Macs, Tablets and SmartPhones. The chat extends’s commitment to provide Internet users with approachable and easy ways to receive help for computer problems.

“We’re excited to launch our beta chat service, to further help users with their most troublesome computer problems. We know some users need help within hours. We’re pleased to offer our new service for these users” a spokesperson for 24h Computer Repair said.

Technical issues covered often hit on installation, configuration, data recovery and virus protection to name a few. Just knowing that technical help is easily obtained makes computer issues less frustrating. Live Chat offers instantaneous help for large portion of computer problems. With the full release of the service, aimed for the beginning of January the website will provide instant computer help with 7/24 coverage for its visitors.

For more information and to see the full range of computer repair services the site provides, please visit

New Website Offers Answers on Computer Repair Questions at No Cost

Free Answers to your Computer Questions.Wilmington, DE (PRWEB) November 07, 2013

Who hasn’t wished to have a technician at their fingertips for support, repairs and information about what most every consumer in today’s marketplace owns, a computer? Until recently that wish has not been granted due to the high cost of computer tech support and the inconvenience of trying to find a sympathetic computer professional equipped to meet technical needs at the moment they’re needed free of charge.

With the launch of this new service, now anyone in need of help can visit, post their computer question and receive one-on-one online answers in 24 hours. Unlike other answer websites, is completely computer-related, and organizes previously-asked questions into categories, where any user can retrieve the information for their own problem. The site features a tag cloud to help finding existing answers to computer problems can be relevant to the visitor. is staffed with qualified experts to tackle questions regarding installation, configuration, virus protection and data recovery to name a few. This computer repair service is set up in an easy-to-use format, and users only need to type their question into the site and await the response. Questions cover PCs, Macs, laptops, tablets, iPads, and smartphones.

In spite of the fact computer problems are one of the most searched for items on the internet, no other similar service has been offered in the marketplace. The website is an alternative to spending hours searching for computer repair advice or speaking to a customer service representative on the telephone for a significant charge. Now users can visit the site and receive information within a day on their issue, and for free.

For more information and to see the full range of computer repair services the site provides, please visit

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